A Dog Friendly Stay at Talland Bay Hotel

Talon Bay are a super dog friendly hotel to the point that Woody’s actually got his own like little welcome pack which we’ll go through in a second but yeah they’re definitely dog friendly as opposed to dogs allowed woody can come to all of our meals so breakfast and dinner and eat with us which is fantastic so I don’t have to leave him either in this beautiful room which I definitely don’t trust him to be left alone in do I.

I definitely wouldn’t want to leave him in this room although you are allowed to during mealtimes however not during like day trips yeah good boy so these are cheese from the Cornish Barkery about you heard a lot about them oh do you eat that already is that yummy should we try another one don’t look like we’ve got a selection of treats in different shapes do you want to try this one I’m gonna do down good boy and I think we’ll save the rest days later what else have we got got your bowl that’s good cuz I forgot yours didn’t like bubby yeah and we’ve got some tea bags can never have too many pigs okay we’ve done the treats we’ve done the tree top paybacks well though you probably have been emptied now because you’ve been walking but still not today Timmy you did like three hours it walks yeah you’ve been walking the whole day so hopefully you’re gonna be sleepy now by then what.

Oh dearie me okay you have that one woody we’ve only got two trees left now that is not okay we need to save these got a microfiber dock towel drying you which is good lovely little paw print on hasn’t it nice she put that here you Malone it nope okay oh we’ve got an actual like mat mat for your dirty paws mat for your dirty paws well would you like that and then we got a nice meaty blanket it should put the PC blanket on you as well there we go look at you bubby maybe don’t show you but to the camera and then also there’s this really handy guide on dog friendly things do like the local vets dog walks we can try and pubs local pubs that can accept dogs so that’s really cool we’re gonna have to have a look at a few of those i racket and ducky daycare in case you’re planning to go out for the day and don’t want to take your dog but obviously why would we do that you just come everywhere with us thank you yeah so as you enter you come into the main sleeping part as you can see the bed is absolutely huge definitely bigger than the one we have at home so we’re gonna have plenty of space to sprawl out which is fantastic.

Just thought I’d mention obviously we couldn’t have a trip without pasty good to me pasty had to come this is your pasty no what about it’s a Bastian did you use the bus yet yeah this is a bunny you don’t know where you are do you you’re at an MBO yeah anyway where were we so if you keep going round you come to the main living area which is very nice got a nice little sofa and a heater it’s so toasty in here it’s lush although we may have to open the window soon because woody Harris is a little bit overheating but yeah so this is to be the other side obviously we’ve got a wardrobe and a lovely hat stand as you can see with my hat and would he lead on there which is lovely and then we’ve also got our own door did I lock it you know I didn’t you can’t escape but we’ve got our own door that goes out – well you can’t see right now it’s dark okay but it goes out to the front garden which we will definitely explore tomorrow when it’s nice and light so and then through here is our bathroom and we’ve got a bath which is tastic because we don’t have a bot you shave them around you showing us around Kumbi him he’s like what’s that noise they’re got a lovely big bass which will definitely have to make you soft because we don’t have a pop at home do we know but there’s a shower if you prefer and then there we are hey we should go do that come here.

Just arrived at Talon Bay Beach which is about a two minute walk from the hotel ideal woody is having fun in the key we’d at the moment and we’re just here for a little while before breakfast last night was so lovely the food was amazing and we went straight to sleep our bellies are so full and we were just so tired really this is such a sad sight but it’s so common on tour new features right now it’s all like fishing net and rope from the boats me will get blown in in the form I just tried to move that but it’s actually so heavy like I’m going on my waiting for this and it’s not budging unfortunately which is such a shame because it’s gonna have to stay here I love experiences they’re not ideal, we have continued East Lu to have a little look around the shops and explore we’ve just been to the pet Emporium and Woody’s got some nice trick ears and a cowl knuckle I think is he’s very excited by that.

I went into 42 try and find somewhere for us to have a hot chocolate or something and all three to play the toilet but obviously because it’s the low season now so all the tourists have gone home the public toilets aren’t open and all the cafe is really the busy closed or not dog friendly so I mean saying that most of them wide open e but yeah this is a big brother I think that’s more than enough purchase for one day and we look forward to seeing you again very soon.