Pet Friendly Accommodation on the Sunshine Coast, Australia

When you have pets and think about going on a holiday, usually the first thing you wonder is “Can Fido come with us?”. The answer is often “No”, but there is a growing trend for accommodation options on the Sunshine Coast (Australia) that do allow pets.

If you own a dog, and holiday regularly, then you’re probably already aware that some house and apartment-style accommodation venues are now advertising as “Pet Friendly Accommodation”. Previously, this was absolutely unheard of! If you asked if pets were allowed you would often be met with stunned silence.

With more and more people wanting to take their pets (mainly dogs) on vacation with them, a growing number of accommodation venues have decided that it is actually alright for pets to stay too. The cost of booking a pet friendly house/apartment is usually the same as non pet friendly accommodation. The big saving though comes with not having to book your dog into a kennel while you are away.

Average dog kennels on the Sunshine Coast change a minimum of $35/day for basic accommodation in low season. This jumps up to at least $45/day in peak season. Some of the “deluxe” kennels change much, much more than this. By being able to take your dog along with you on holiday is allowing people to save money and enjoy their holidays more than ever.

Some of the most popular pet friendly accommodation is located right on the beach. Absolute beach front accommodation is always popular but when it’s also pet friendly, you can be sure that it has an extra appeal for many people. Relaxing on the beach with the family and the family pet seems to becoming the preferred way to enjoy vacation time.

It’s best to check if the beach is dog friendly as well. Most beaches on the Sunshine Coast allow dogs on-leash, but there are many off-leash areas as well. Off-leash dog beaches include Currimundi Beach, Shelly Beach and Marcus Beach to name but a few. As the number of dog owners grows each year, so does the number of off-leash beaches and pet friendly accommodation venues.

So, the next time you’re considering holidaying on the Sunshine Coast, why not bring along your pet and book into one of the beach front, pet friendly houses that are available. Your pet is sure to appreciate the sun and surf almost as much as you!

Philip Cook lives and works on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

He is a huge fan of beach house accommodation on the Sunshine Coast and is also passionate about pet friendly accommodation on the Sunshine Coast.