Pet friendly hotels Uttarakhand

The hills of Uttarakhand seemed the obvious choice for a long vacation with Lucifer, our 5-month-old Siberian husky There were 3 hotels we stayed at that not only allowed pets but actually welcomed them, and we’d like to share our experiences at these 3 places

Latitude 29 by The Lake Resort, refers to Swiss tents and 2 hunting lodges near the main building We stayed at the Hunting Lodge There was lots of open space Lucifer had a great time running around There are several large dogs at the property, but they stay at home and only come for walks around the lake at designated times

The owners would let us know in advance so that we could keep Lucifer indoors at those times The rest of the day, he had the run of the place He was also allowed to sit with us in the outdoor seating area of the restaurant The puppy had his first boat ride on the lake and did a little bit of swimming There was a beautiful nature trail through the jungle where we could take him for walks Another property that we really enjoyed staying at was The Ramgarh Retreat Luckily for us, the proprietor, Aditi, and her parents were visiting at the time and they graciously invited us to share an evening meal The food was delicious, but the highlight was the dessert that Aditi prepared herself Lucifer found some friends to play with and was very happy

The décor was beautiful, and every corner had something to catch one’s eye It truly felt like home away from home Another nice property with a homely feel was the Green Valley Birding Lodge at Pangot They also had dogs of their own, one of whom was a little older and not too tolerant of nosy little puppies, so the owners were careful to keep him away from Lucifer Though there was not much ground for him to run off leash, there was a nice open area just outside our rooms where he was happy playing fetch with a long leash… We found him curiously sniffing some leaves, which our host confirmed were cannabis plants growing wild – thankfully he didn’t try to eat any People usually have specific diets for their dogs, that is probably the reason why none of the places we stayed at provided doggie meals Lucifer enjoyed his time in Uttarakhand, with cool weather, a comfortable stay and plenty of exercise and fresh air

We hope to go back again soon