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Looking for a dog sitter / walker?

Please note that we are NOT a matching service, so we can't find a dog sitter/walker for you. If you can't find someone local advertising on the LocalPetPeople.com site, then you'll have to turn elsewhere. Please try bordering counties too, as they might work in your area too, but have chosen only to advertise in one county. If you can't find a dog sitter on our site, then we recommend that you try your local vet, groomer, pet shop and news agent for recommendations of good dog walkers/sitters.

Want to be a dog sitter or dog walker?

If you want to learn about becoming a dog walker or dog sitter, please read our Q & A section. LocalPetPeople.com does not employ dog sitters or walkers, but you can advertise on our web site. If you would like to have an ad on our site, please go to Advertise with Us.

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Please note...
LocalPetPeople will not match you with your dog sitter, dog walker or other pet service.

This is a web site where they can advertise their services. There is no vetting of the dog walkers, dog sitters, etc. by LocalPetPeople, so you will have to use your own discretion and find out the background, set up and cost of their services.

LocalPetPeople can not be held responsible for the quality of the services offered from the people advertising on this site.

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