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Terms & Conditions

Advertising with LocalPetPeople

Kennels are not allowed
You can't advertise dog sitting/boarding on this site if you use kennels for the dogs in your care. This also includes .

No selling of animals on this site
You can't advertise the sale of any animal on this site, nor can you advertise a pet shop that sells animals in the shop.

Current email address
You must keep us updated with a current email address that you check regularly. We will send you updates and information about changes via email.

Cancelling your ad
If you at any point wish to cancel your ad with us, first you have to contact us. If you email your cancellation you will get a reply back, confirming your cancellation. Should you not get a reply email, then your email hasn't reached us and you need to try again.

Cancelling your PayPal payments
If you pay your ad via PayPal, then it is your duty to cancel any further payments. We will NOT refund payments that have been taken from your account. To cancel your monthly or yearly payments to LocalPetPeople.com, you have to log in to your PayPal account. Once you are logged in, press the link that says 'All activities'. Now find the activity that says 'Subscription Creation' to LocalPetPeople.com. Click the link that says 'details'. If you scroll down on the page that you get up, you'll see a button that says 'Cancel Subscription', press that. They'll ask you to confirm by pressing yet another 'Cancel Subscription' button. Now you are done on the PayPal site!

Respect and knowledge
You will treat all animals with respect and care.

You must have good knowledge of the animal you will care for. A great love for animals is not quite enough, you need to read up on their behaviour, nutritional needs and update yourself on good training regimes for the type of animal. Violence, threats, shouting and screaming is never necessary for training of any individual, no matter what the species.

If you work with dogs, please read our article on Dog Language. For dog training tips, please read the articles on www.dogbasics.co.uk/advice.html

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