Pet Friendly Hotels in the USA

Vacation is certainly something every traveler looks forward to, but not everyone loves to be separated with their pets. Vacationers with immense love for their curious pets have nothing to worry about; Hotels have notices and considered the growing trend of travelers-pets and more properties are inviting animals to stay. Many hotels in the USA have transitioned to pet friendly hotels, accommodating and caring for visitors as wells as their cute pets. This articles gives you a quick rundown of pet friendly hotels in the USA that welcome pets with their arms wide open.

The Jefferson, Washington, DC

This Pet friendly hotel is ranked No. 2 in the USA and as you would expect, the No 1 in Washington D.C. The Jefferson Hotel allow Guests’ dogs (up to two per traveler) to stay in any of the rooms in the hotel. Pets are given bowls, treats, beds as well as maps of nearby walking routes. The Jefferson hosts its own pet ambassador, a hound called Lord Monticello, Monti for short, who holds the post of “Executive Canine Officer” for The Jefferson. The Jefferson charges $50 fee per dog per stay.

The Little Nell

Another item on the Pet Friendly Hotels in USA is the Little Neil. Raked No. Best Hotel in Aspen, Colorado and No. 14 Best Hotel in the USA, The Little Nell treat pets to many different amenities, including water bowls, pet beds, gourmet pet treatments. The hotel also provides a Jet Lag Kit that helps pets adjust to Aspen’s height. All variety of pets are welcome, with The Little Nell offering pet-sitting and walking services along with pet friendly guide or walking routes. Please note that The Little Nell charges a $125 cleaning fee and an additional $25 fee per night per guests staying with pets at the hotel.

The Greenwich Hotel

This is one Hotel where pet owners don’t have to worry about extra charges. The Greenwich Hotel welcomes all types of pets without charging extra fees. All rooms are available for accommodations. In addition, there’s no limit to the weight of pets allowed and the hotel provides guests’ furry companions with their own bowls and beds. The Greenwich Hotel ranks No. 19 Best Hotel in the USA and No. 3 Best Hotel in the USA.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

The fourth pet friendly on the list actually spoils your pets. Luckily for pet owners, all the pampering is affordable. Pets can travel with their parents and enjoy the hotel’s pet amenities for an additional charge of $35 per night. Some of their premium amenities include dog treats, pink tennis balls, pet bowls and beds. Pets are also given customized bone-shaped welcome cookies with their name. Additionally, pet sitting and dog walking services are provided at available for an affordable fee which can be booked through the porter.

The Umstead Hotel and Spa

The Umstead Hotel and Spa is the No. 1 Best Hotel in North Carolina that welcomes cats and dogs to its property for a flat fee of $200 that get your four legged pet a water bowl, bed and dog walking and pet sitting services at absolutely no additional cost. What really makes The Umstead hotel stand out is DogWoods.  DogWoods is a closed playground specially created for pets with amenities that offers plenty outdoors space for pets to play around.

The Hermitage Hotel

For a $50 per night fee, The Hermitage Hotel welcomes dogs and cats. Additionally, the hotel avail animals with customized pets beds, water bowls, treats, dog sitting and walking, along with evening turndown services and massage services. The Hermitage Hotel is the Best Hotel in Nashville, located near a few parks, creating enough space to walk their pets around.